SunPower Solar Panels: What Product Lines Are Available?

SunPower solar panels come in four product lines, each with its own specifications. The following table summarizes their main features:

SunPower Product LineEfficiencyWattage
A SeriesUp to 22.8%390 – 420W
X SeriesUp to 22.8%Up to 370W
E SeriesUp to 20%320, 327, or 435W
P SeriesUp to 19%380 – 400W

The A-Series, X-Series and E-Series all use the Maxeon monocrystalline solar cell technology, which was developed by SunPower. The P-Series uses a shingled solar cell design that is also from SunPower, and they are optimized for larger commercial systems.

SunPower not only offers photovoltaic panels, but also complete solar systems with inverters and energy storage, along with the installation service. This gives you the advantage of dealing with a single manufacturer, instead of using components from different brands.

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